The purpose of Dochas Code of Conduct on Images and Messages is to provide a framework on which organisations can build when designing and implementing their public communications strategy. The Code offers a set of guiding principles that can assist practitioners in their efforts to communicate their organisation’s programmes and values in a coherent and balanced way.

The images and messages used to portray people, places and situations in the developing world can have an enormous impact on people’s perceptions and attitudes. People have different opinions on what is ‘acceptable’ in relation to images and messages in development.

The Code is driven by a strong commitment to the following non-negotiable values:

  • Respect for the dignity of the people concerned

  • Belief in the equality of all people

  • Acceptance of the need to promote fairness, solidarity and justice

Proudly Made in Africa is a signatory to the Dochas Code of Conduct and is adhering to the Code in its communication material and social media platforms.

Feedback Mechanism

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