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PMIA has proven valuable for our work in Africa and market development in Europe. PMIA initiated an audit of our supply chain, resulting in a third-party validation of our ethical brand, a better understanding of social impact measurement and improvements at the production facility. PMIA has also assisted MIA in the marketplace by supporting submissions for product awards and identifying important consumer trends. As an example, PMIA researched the importance of vegan accreditation for UK consumers and identified qualified accreditors. This lead to an important vegan accreditation for the MIA brand, crucial to giving vegan and vegetarian consumers confidence in our products. With an understanding of the marketplace and the challenges of producing in Africa, PMIA has a unique position to help brands like MIA succeed in a competitive industry

Brett Beach

Co-founder & Director



Proudly Made in Africa partnered with MIE to design and develop a resource pack for primary schools, focusing on education about trade justice: Just Connections, Just Trade – A Teaching Resource about Africa, which was launched in 2018. The publication of these innovative materials would not have possible without the expertise, experience and insights of PMIA staff. One of the most important elements of the pack is the set of case studies featuring small community enterprises in African countries; businesses that PMIA currently works with or has worked with in the past. These case studies demonstrate the impact when more of the value-chain is realised locally: creating employment, supporting communities, and eradicating poverty through trade.

This strategic collaboration between PMIA and MIE has been rich and productive, and we hope to continue the connection into the future.

Barbara O'Toole

Senior Lecturer

Marino Institute of Education

Who we are?

A social enterprise promoting Africa’s finest food and fashion producers globally.

Our Vision
Our vision is an international market place in which high quality value added goods from Africa are traded ethically and sustainably across the globe with fair access to the market for all.

What we do?

We Source retail ready African products, Connect international trade partners, Promote sustainable trading of African goods and Educate on the importance of value added trade in poverty reduction.


We Source retail ready African products.

We want to hear from small to medium sized African businesses that are looking to export internationally. We will individually assess you and match you with suitable buyers.

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We use our experience in sourcing to match buyers with the most suitable producers.

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Through our education programmes and workshops Proudly Made in Africa raises knowledge and awareness of the role of value added trade in poverty reduction with a focus on Africa. Our work is targeted at primary, secondary and third-level students as well as the general public.

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Aileen Markey



PMIA reached out for input on the value and relevance of Teff product to those on a gluten free diet in Ireland. As a Coelica and owner of Unglu-d, a dedicated gluten free food business I was delighted to be introduced to this product. Finding high quality products that are ethically sourced is challening for those on this restrieted diet and to discover a product like teff that is versatlile and has many health benefits was a real find. I tried and tested some of the product range myself together with my cutomers and partners and gained very positive feedback. It was refreshing to partner with an organisation that believes in supporting these small busisnesses and I felt for unglu-d the values were well matched.